On this page you will find helpful links to help you save money utilities and supplies for your new apartment.

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Use the link below to subscribe to TimeWarner Cable for your internet and or cable tv and cash card up to $75 from TimeWarner

Click the link and save up to
$75 back from Time Warner


For electricity I use

Con Edison



I have my 24" WhirlPool Portable Dishwasher for about 9 years now. With the price of eating out being what it is - this will pay for itself in a week

This is my favorite kitchen utility cart. I have 2. one in the kitchen and one in the closet.


In Manhattan apartments tray tables are a big help
If you are going to juice - why throw out most of the good stuff. Get yourself a whole juicer.
There are many high carb, sugary juices you can make but my favorite is Kale, Lemon, Ginger, 6 almonds and a little Turmeric. add half an apple or anything you want.
 To play it save get the short fat one. bet you never thought you would hear that.
Get your Coffee on

This link will let you choose from many different kinds of coffee makers.
I have only ever purchased Cuisinart Coffee makers and have never had a problem 
Take a rest from the coffee and drink a healthy tea.

This is the best deal I have found on toilet paper. The count is a little large but this saves you up to twice as much as buying any other size or buying on the corner. 
You can give half to a friend and still have a great deal. Plus it will be delivered.

I have had this tea maker for a few years now and love it.
You tell it what type of tea you are making
and it will do the rest- including keeping that second cup at perfect temperature for up to an hour. It makes up to 5 cups. great for boiling water also.
To sear a steak then wet deglaze it..
Yes, this is a costly skillet and from what I have read (not just from them) alot of that cost is because of the care they take with making that coating as healthy as possible. So sear that steak - deglaze with some fresh chopped tomoatoes and in seconds get a very tastey toping for your steak.
For Streaks -cast iron is the next best
thing to a high temp Grill
For dry cooking get the Lodge pre seasoned cast iron skillet. If you would like to deglaze the skillet with fresh tomatoes - get the coated Le Cresuset. do not wet cook in the uncoated lodge.

Water Filters

 I have tried many water filters over the years. The only one I didnt like was from Zero Water

With the prices for eating out around here being what they are. You will need good cooking tools including a kitchen knife set

No need to have a dozen dumbells with this set.